WashingtonSharedParenting has recently added the Washington State Division of Child Support Policy Manual to the site for easy access to Non-Custodial Parents.  The manuals are a great way to understand the actions to be taken by DCS, and helps NCP's understand the limitations state employees should be operating under.

They are a great tool.  Once great example is their public disclosure rules.  Every NCP should contact DCS on a regular basis to get a copy of their Case Comments so they understand the status of their case, as many times Staff do things that NCP's are not aware of, and in some instances they either excede their authority as outlined in the policy manual, or ignore them.

Requesting copies of your case notes is just a good practice, and keeps you informed.


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DCS Staff Handbook
Friday, 20 August 2004

Washington DCS Policy Manual - 2006 

This is a private site that is in no way associated with the State of Washington or any other government affiliated agency.  The contents here are provided as a public service to the non-custodial parents of Washingon State in the hopes of improving the relationship between them and their children.

Washington State FlagThe staff of the Washington State Division of Child Support operates under a very strict set of rules.  Most people visiting this site might have other beliefs, or they disagree with those policies.  However, these policies are in place to protect the citizens of Washington State.   Lets not be so nieve as to think that all staff of DCS follows these policies.  Understanding them will help to protect you from unwarranted actions.

Below is a set of the policies that DCS operates under, or they are supposed to operate under.  If you have questions about these policies, our forum at is the place to discuss them.  We encourage your comments and feedback that might help others.

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